Circumstantial Evidence and Drunk Driving Laws: You Need a Los Angeles DUI Attorney Now More Than Ever

If you’ve ever felt like the deck is stacked against you when it comes to drunk driving laws, you are justified in feeling that way. A recent ruling from California’s state Supreme Court is making life much more difficult for those who are charged with DUI. The court ruled that circumstantial evidence can be used to prove DUI. What does this mean in layman’s terms? It means that a police officer’s observations can be used in a court of law in an effort to prove that a motorist had an illegal blood-alcohol level. The court’s ruling is based on Ashley Jourdan Coffey’s lawsuit against the state… Read More

California Supreme Court Decision Relaxes Residency Rules for Registered Sex Offenders

Following a recent decision by the state Supreme Court, California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is modifying its rules restricting where convicted sex offenders can live. The department and the state’s Supreme Court justices agreed that a 2006 ballot measure imposed requirements that made it too daunting for registered sex offenders to find permanent housing, KGTV San Diego reports. As a result, the number of transient offenders increased, making it more difficult for parole agents to monitor some 6,000 offenders throughout the state. As of the end of February, the state reported more than 1,400 registered sex offenders who did not… Read More

Essential Reform of White Collar Crime Law and Sentences in the Works

As initially reported by Forbes contributor, Walter Pavlo, the United States Sentencing Commission is working on making much-needed adjustments to laws concerning white collar crime. All of the changes have an impact on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines judges currently use as a guide. The white collar crime law change recommendations were finalized and delivered to Congress for their review process. If members of Congress approve the changes, the sentencing guidelines will apply to cases heard in court after the 1st of November 2015. Economic Impact Weight The original sentencing guidelines laws looked at the total value of the economic impact made by… Read More

California Proposal Could Protect Immigrants with Drug Possession Charges from Deportation

Today, an immigrant who is charged with a minor drug charge in California could end up with a one-way ticket out of the United States, whether they have a green card or not. But a new proposal could change that. According to the Los Angeles Times, individuals facing minor drug charges in California are often advised by their Los Angeles drug attorney to plead guilty to their crimes and to enter a drug counseling program. If the individual completes the drug education program successfully, the charges in most cases would be dismissed. But for immigrants — both here illegally as… Read More

Mayor Plans to Stem Rise in Violent Crime Rates

Safety is the focus of Mayor’s Eric Garcetti address about combating rising violent crime in Los Angeles given at the Valley Performing Arts Center. With more accurate reporting, a clearer picture of violent crime in Los Angeles has developed. Garcetti spoke of the deaths of unarmed black men in “Ferguson, Staten Island, and now, North Charleston” and mentioned the body-camera program for Los Angeles police officers. Community building and anti-gang initiatives appear to be how the Mayor will attempt to reduce the 14.3 percent spike in violent crime rates. Trust and Safety Stuart Waldman, president of the Valley Industry and Commerce Association,… Read More

California Criminal Defense Lawyer Handles Global Child Sex Case

In a recent federal court case, a federal grand jury charged California resident Blake Robert Johnston with several counts of sex-related crimes. Investigators discovered hundreds of illicit photos of minors on Mr. Johnston’s computer. Online records detail Mr. Johnston’s attempts to coerce underage children to engage in sexual activity. Mr. Johnston was also charged with transporting children to engage in criminal sexual activity. As this wasn’t Mr. Johnston’s first infraction involving a minor, the penalties will likely be less lenient. In October 2014, Mr. Johnston faced multiple counts of leaving the state to perpetrate sex-related acts with a minor, reports state. Investigators are… Read More

Mueller and Marijuana: What a Recent Court Ruling Means For Drug Policy

In a recent court hearing, US District Judge Kimberley Mueller declined to remove marijuana’s Schedule I status, which places the drug in the same category as heroin, ecstasy, and LSD. Her decision complicates current legalization efforts, but may nonetheless indicate a growing trend toward marijuana legalization. Should marijuana be legalized? For many activists, the answer to this question is not just “yes,” but “of course.” Supporters of legalization point out that marijuana has few risks, is safer than tobacco, alcohol, and many prescription painkillers, and has a variety of health benefits. Why criminalize the drug, activists ask, when using it… Read More

Violent Crime Statistics Show an Increase in Los Angeles

Los Angeles statistics show a seriousupsurge in violent crime across all of the LAPD’s four bureaus. A recent reclassification has contributed to the statistics reported by the LAPD. 2014 marked the beginning of a marked increase of 14% in violent crime in Los Angeles, CA. A new classification system and an increase in specific crimes have added to the reported crime rate data coming out of LA. Statistics Reveal Violent crime is up 26% and property crimes 11% in Los Angeles this year, as stated by LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. Beck says that crime levels are similar to data collected in… Read More

Mandatory Minimums for Campus Rape Could Come to California

According to, California state legislators are considering a new bill which would impose a two-year mandatory school suspension for any student convicted of a sexual assault by a campus disciplinary hearing. Das Williams (D) introduced the first-of-its-kind bill to address concerns that the state’s academic institutions are not taking on-campus sexually-based assault seriously enough. Currently, 11 universities and colleges in California are under federal Title IX investigations for the way they have handed previous sexual misconduct cases. The proposed bill would affect all of California’s private and public institutes of higher learning accepting government-funded financial assistance for their students. William’s bill… Read More

14 LA High School Students Accused of Sex Crimes, 10 Arrested

Explicit photos and other evidence led to the arrest of 9 Venice High School students who are accused of committing lewd acts on a minor. All of the students arrested were male and all were between the ages of 14 and 17; names were not released due to the age of the students in question. Officers arrested the students at school while classes were in session. A 10th student turned himself in shortly after the arrests, while four remain at large. While the students have been arrested, officers are still conducting an investigation into incidents that occurred over the last year.… Read More

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