Alternative Programs Available To Criminal Offenders In California

We specialize in alternative sentencing, which is the phrase for punishment other than jail. There are as many alternatives to jail as there are creative ways that the defense counsel can come up with. The traditional alternatives are house arrest, work furlough, community service or a treatment program. I had a client that was in the movie industry and was involved in an assault case. Rather than jail, we were able to convince the district attorney to allow the client to make a public service announcement video. There is no limit to alternatives. The only limit is how creative defense counsel can be in their analysis.

Impact Of Having A Clean Prior Record In A Criminal Case

It is critical. However, it is going to depend on what crime you are charged with. If there has been some type of loss of life, that individual is going to be punished regardless of their record. However, where the crime may be more motivated by an addiction, that individual is going to be looked at in the framework of that addiction. It is similar to alternative sentencing; the more creative a counsel can be in presenting the factual situation of their client, the more likely a beneficial result will be accomplished.

Impact Of A Prior Arrest Or Conviction On A Criminal Case

In the situation where someone has a prior history, it is critical to distinguish the client’s present situation, from their prior history as much as possible. To again minimize this situation in contrast to their past. However, someone “who has a clean record” is going to be generally treated much less severely than someone who has a long criminal record.

Can A Criminal Record Be Cleared, Sealed Or Expunged In California?

Not only can you do it but it is critical that you do so. At least seventy-five percent of all people who have criminal convictions do nothing about having their records cleared. It is a very available process to take advantage of. If it is a misdemeanor, at the end of probation, you can have that case expunged, dismissed, and to a great extent, taken off of your record. If it is a felony, at the end of probation, you can try to have that charge reduced to a misdemeanor as well as subsequently dismissed and taken off your record.

The biggest mistake done is by people who have been arrested but their case never is filed. That individual will just walk away and be thankful for the lack of filing and not be cognizant of the fact that on their record, it still shows that they have been arrested. And be required to indicate that they have been arrested. There is a process available where that arrest can be converted to what is called a Detention, which negates the necessity to indicate that you have ever been arrested. That procedure is almost never done by individuals who do not have attorneys and the sad part is that even many attorneys who represent criminal clients do not take advantage of it.

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