Can Domestic Violence Charges Be Sealed or Expunged In California?

Yes, they can be expunged, but they cannot be sealed. The only domestic violence case that could be sealed would be a juvenile case.

Common Mistakes Detrimental to a Domestic Violence Case

The biggest mistake is to talk to the police. Whoever it is, male or female, they feel that they are going to be able to explain to the police what happened, explain that it was not their fault, and explain that they did not do anything or that the other party was the individual who was the aggressor. The problem with that is that never works. In most situations what the accused says to the police is going to end up being used against them in court.

What Are Some Defense Strategies Utilized In Domestic Violence Cases?

Self-defense is the strongest defense available to the accused. The likelihood of success is going to depend upon the evidence that is presented by the prosecution. If you are able to show strong evidence of self-defense, then that is always the best available defense. The second best defense is that the other party is lying and to show why they are lying, whether it be because of a divorce, a money issue, an anger issue, some justification why that other party, the alleged victim, is lying.

What Does Life Look Like After A Domestic Violence Case Has Been Resolved?

Unlike other criminal cases, domestic violence repercussions really depend upon the couple and upon the willingness of parties or desire of the parties to get together. If the parties wish to remain together, then that is an option. If they do not, then obviously that is not an option.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling Domestic Violence Cases?

Domestic violence cases are significantly different than any another type of criminal offense. There is a degree of emotionality and relationships of the parties that play intricate parts in all domestic violence cases. I think what sets us apart is my ability and experience. By having been on both sides of the case, I am able to appreciate where the prosecution is coming from, and also where the defense is coming from. The alleged victim has a say in this matter, as well as the accused. I think that is an invaluable tool.

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