Cocaine Manufacturing

Cocaine manufacturing is considered one of the most serious drug offenses in California. Because cocaine is a Schedule II narcotic, it is tightly controlled and subject to some of the stiffest fines and penalties in our drug laws. Manufacturing cocaine is a difficult process and one that requires considerable resources, and understanding which actions qualify under this charge can be complex. The bottom line is the same no matter how your charge was arrived at, however: you will need an effective criminal defense attorney to advocate on your behalf in the courts.

The penalties associated with cocaine manufacturing typically involve prison time of more than 5 years. Because most cocaine is not manufactured in this country, this law is not invoked as often as cocaine possession and trafficking charges. Even if you are charged with cocaine manufacturing, it is incumbent upon the prosecutors to prove your intent was to manufacture the final product, meaning they need to draw a straight line from the chemicals and equipment to cocaine or crack itself. If your California drug crimes lawyer can raise a reasonable doubt about this line of intent, you may have a chance to reduce or dismiss your charges.

Effective defense in any drug crime case hinges on a comprehensive knowledge of the law. Police often cut corners or bypass due process altogether when conducting a raid or seizure, and any error in this area may lead to your charges getting dismissed. Other issues such as proving your constructive possession of the equipment in question, and proving that your rights were honored appropriately, can be an uphill battle for prosecutors if the procedure in question contained any flaws. In other words, an experienced defense attorney can defend you vigorously using any number of effective tools.

A charge of cocaine manufacturing can be a major blow and a frightening proposition. If you are looking for a strong defense team to mount a compelling case on your behalf, it pays to avail yourself of better representation. The Law Offices of Lawrence Wolf have been defending clients against drug crime charges for several decades throughout Southern California, and we offer superior forensic tools to aid in your defense. Please contact the Los Angeles cocaine crime lawyers at The Law Offices of Lawrence Wolf today for a free consultation.


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