Cocaine Possession

Cocaine is a problem in urban centers across the U.S., but nowhere is it more prevalent than in Southern California. Much of this is attributable to geography: the vast majority of cocaine destined for this country enters through the porous California-Mexico border, and that means the nearby cities absorb a disproportionate amount of this Schedule II narcotic. Although the truly harsh penalties have been reserved for cocaine sale and trafficking, recent legislation has included a crackdown on simple cocaine possession as well. This is why if you have been charged with possession of cocaine, you will want to speak with a good Los Angeles drug crimes lawyer right away.

What is the difference between cocaine possession, cocaine distribution, and cocaine trafficking? Although being caught performing certain activities will affect the charge you are slapped with, generally the distinction between these charges comes down to a matter of amount. Smaller amounts are usually considered possession, which means your only offense was having cocaine for personal use. Of course there may be enhancements attached if other crimes were committed or if you have a prior record. Having a firearm at the time of your arrest will bump up the charges considerably, for instance.

The good news is that there are a number of effective ways to fight back against a charge of cocaine possession in California. If the seizure was committed with police errors or performed unlawfully, for instance, you may be able to get the entire charge dismissed. Similarly if there is any reasonable doubt about whose drugs were seized, you could also get the charges dismissed. Generally a top Los Angeles cocaine crimes attorney will look for any violation of your rights or of protocol throughout the report, often to beneficial effect.

There is simply no reason why a charge of cocaine possession should ruin your finances, freedom, or reputation. If you have come online in search of effective and aggressive legal representation for a drug charge of this kind, you will find a number of excellent resources here. The Law Offices of Lawrence Wolf have been defending clients charged with cocaine possession for more than 30 years, and our approach to litigation such as this is unsurpassed in the region. Get in touch with the Los Angeles drug crime attorneys at The Law Offices of Lawrence Wolf today for a free consultation on how to seek better outcomes for this charge.


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