Cocaine Sales

Cocaine Manufacturing for Sale Defense

Selling cocaine is a felony in California, and it is one that comes with a number of stringent penalties. Possession alone can be a jailable offense given the right circumstances, but the sentencing grows far more severe when other parties are involved. Cocaine manufacturing for sale can mean a number of things, but any time cocaine is distributed or sold, you are facing mandatory prison times that may exceed 9 years. Needless to say, you want to defend against charges such as this vigorously, which means retaining a team of experienced Century City drug crime attorneys to help your case.

Cocaine selling breaks down into a number of subcategories under the law, and each is associated with its own fines and penalties. Selling to minors may roughly double your jail time, for instance, and selling to younger children comes with steeper sentences still. Further issues arise if you are selling cocaine near a school, day care, or place of worship, and additional enhancements will apply if a firearm was involved in any of the above acts. The point of all such laws is to protect young people from the threat of drugs and the drug trade, of course, which is why courts will give progressively less leeway to the defense.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have options. Effective drug crime defense attorneys in Century City understand the law in this area and may invoke any umber of important procedural arguments to defend you. Searches and seizures are regularly carried out without regard for proper police procedure, for instance. Authorities may also violate your rights in any number of ways during and after the initial arrest. Finally the prosecution must prove in court that the drugs in question were yours and that your intent was to sell them, either of which may be debunked with a good defense.

Getting charges such as cocaine manufacturing for sale reduced or dismissed takes extensive resources, wherewithal, and experience with this area of the law, and not every attorney will mount an equally strong defense on your behalf. If you are facing a serious drug charge such as this and want to take advantage of better representation, contact The Law Offices of Lawrence Wolf today. With over 30 years of experience defending clients from every category of California drug crimes, our defense lawyers offer an unsurpassed record of successful litigation.


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