Drug Glossary

In recent years, more than 1.5 million people were arrested in the United States for drug related crimes annually. In the State of California, all drug related crimes are very serious charges. If you are convicted of a drug-related crime you may have to pay a considerable fine and serve jail time. If you have a criminal record with a drug conviction on it, you may have a difficult time trying to find a respectable job after you are released from jail. Our goal is to keep all of our clients out of jail!

Glossary of Drug Crimes

In the state of California there are a variety of drug offenses that a person can be charged with, some are misdemeanors and others are felonies. There are many things that affect whether you will be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, as well as the punishment, including the amount and type of narcotics, and the manner in which the drugs were to be used.

Some drug crime charges include:

  • possessing any substance that contains traces of illegal drugs or narcotics
  • possession of any scheduled narcotics
  • possession with intent to sell
  • possession, large amount
  • possession, small amount
  • dispensing of drugs or narcotics
  • distribution of drugs
  • distribution of narcotics to children and minors
  • distribution or manufacturing of drugs on school property
  • transportation of drugs
  • sale of illegal substances
  • driving while intoxicated
  • drug conspiracy
  • drug paraphernalia
  • drug trafficking
  • fraudulently obtaining prescriptions drugs
  • cultivation of narcotics
  • using a dangerous or hazardous substance on Federal property

If you have been charged with any of the drug crimes listed above, or any other type of drug crime, you should hire a qualified attorney immediately to protect your rights. The Los Angeles drug offense defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Lawrence Wolf have the knowledge and expertise to successfully defend your rights if you have been arrested for a drug crime in Southern California.

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