Meth Sales

Meth manufacturing is considered a serious drug offense in California, and it isn’t hard to guess why. With meth use on the rise and an increasing number of addicted persons admitted to national treatment centers annually, it only stands to reason that our state has cracked down on every aspect of the possession, sale and manufacture of methamphetamine. In its fervor to stop this pipeline cold, however, the state has overreached in some important ways, levying penalties that many feel are far too severe for the charges involved. If you have been accused of manufacturing meth for sale, you will need an experienced criminal attorney to defend you in court.

First, an overview. Meth manufacturing charges may apply to any number of offenses, including the possession of certain chemicals, the donation of certain laboratory equipment, and of course manufacturing the final product itself. Because methamphetamine requires a number of steps to make properly, each of these steps is now subject to the full charge of meth manufacture, whether or not the end result is achieved. Meth is a Schedule II narcotic, reserved for drugs that have some medical use but are frequently abused, so the penalties for its illegal manufacture can range up to seven years in prison and $50,000 in fines.

How do you defend a charge of meth manufacturing? Possession charges come with related defenses, including momentary possession, no control over the substance, or no knowledge of the substance. Manufacturing is subject to the same burdens of proof, so one of the first ways to defend a charge like this is to break the line of intent and prove the defendant did not plan or know what was being done with the chemicals involved. You may also appeal to a number of procedural issues, including illegal searches, improper police protocol, and inadmissible evidence.

Meth manufacturing is a major crime, but the charge itself is not tantamount to a guilty verdict. If you have found yourself in the crosshairs of an investigation and do not believe the charges are warranted, it is important to speak with a professional Los Angeles meth crime defense attorney right away. Often a single phone call can help allay your fears and offer perspective on your upcoming defense. The Law Offices of Lawrence Wolf have been helping clients like you for over 30 years, so call today to begin the process immediately.


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