Common Defense Strategies Utilized In Sex Crime Cases

Counseling is probably one of the most valuable steps that an individual can take. By showing that you are taking action to address the issue goes a long way in terms of showing an attempt to understand and to modify the behavior. In terms of defenses, one of the strongest defenses is to show that the alleged victim has made up the story. It may be, because there is a divorce, or there is a child custody issue. Tools are available today that were never available before to the defendant such as any social media. Being able to access the accusers Facebook pages or their social media pages is invaluable in terms of gathering evidence to use to defend your client.

Long Term Consequences Of A Sex Crime Conviction In California

If it is a serious charge such as rape or child molesting, the individual could easily be looking at life in prison. If the offense is less severe, it could result in a misdemeanor. Our goal is to have the individual get into counseling and attempt to avoid any type of incarceration with an alternative sentence.

The Stigma Associated With Sex Crime Charges In California

The most lasting penalty is having to register as a sex offender. That is an extremely onerous punishment and an extremely damaging label placed upon the individual. Not only is it lifelong, but it is almost impossible to have it be removed. You will be required to be on a sexual predator list and to register on that list. You will have to register with the police department annually as well as every time you move. The stigma stays with you throughout your entire life.

Advice For Clients Contemplating A Guilty Plea In A Sex Crime Case

DON’T!!!!!! It is a painful and difficult situation not only for the accused but for the accused’s family as well. You cannot deny that emotions exist. What I can do is put those emotions into some kind of light as to what the consequences may or may not be. It is too early to tell at the very inception of the case what the outcome is going to be. So to believe that the worst is going to happen is of no benefit to the client or their family. It is better to leave the outcome undetermined until additional facts are obtained.

The Importance Of Retaining An Experienced Sex Crime Attorney

There are many nuances to the criminal sentencing procedures of sex crimes. It is critical to have an attorney with expertise in that area. In most jurisdictions, there will be a specially assigned prosecutor who is specially assigned to sex cases. If the attorney frequently defends individuals charged with sex offenses, the attorney will have an established relationship with those prosecutors. The attorney will know what those prosecutors are willing to offer, and what they will listen to. Then the attorney can better defend you.

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