How Is A Sex Crime Defined In California?

There is no one single definition. Any crime that involves some type of sexual interaction between one or more persons can be classified as a sex crime. It can vary from a peeping tom to a child molester.

What Are The Major Type Of Sex Crimes That You Handle?

We handle all types, but I would say that the most frequently committed offense is child molesting. That can be because of a combination of factors. One, there is certainly a greater emphasis on reporting such offenses, and two it is certainly the most frequent type of sexual violation that occurs.

How Is A Sex Crime Categorized As Either A Felony Or A Misdemeanor?

It will depend on the severity of the offense. If it is a less offensive violation it is going to be a misdemeanor. If it is an offense of great gravity, then it will be a felony. It depends on the degree of personal violation. Obviously child molesting, rape cases, or unlawful touching cases are all felonies.

The Impact Of Being Charged With A Sex Crime In California

It is the worst thing that has ever happened to them. Individuals that I have represented who are charged with child molesting tend to deny the allegation completely. Rarely does an individual upon the first analysis or discussion come out and admit that there was in fact such a violation. It usually takes numerous conversations before you can gain the trust of the client and before the client will be willing to explain to you what did occur. My job is to explain to the client, the necessity of being one hundred percent candid so that I can completely defend them.

Do Sex Crime Cases Generally Involve People That Are Acquainted?

It is approximately fifty-fifty depending on the type of offense. Rape cases involve individuals who often do not know each other. Child molesting is going to involve individuals who more frequently know each other. The predator develops some type of relationship with the minor, they have to groom the minor in order to perform the violation, usually an individual that they are already in a relationship with. Whether it be a family member or a friend.

The Importance Of Hiring An Attorney To Handle A Sex Crime Allegation

It is critical to hire an attorney. It is a common misconception of many individuals that they think if they have an attorney, the police are going to think that they have something to hide. The reality is if you do not have an attorney, you are going to be bombarded by the police and you are going to be manipulated into saying things that are going to lead you to more serious consequences. You need not necessarily hire an attorney, but it is critical that you confer with that attorney and explain to them why you think you are in danger. At that point, a line of defense can be established.

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