What Steps Can One Take To Mitigate A Sex Crime Case?

The most important thing is to not say anything. People often think they can reason with the policemen if they come up with a good enough story, and that the policemen will let them go. That is the biggest mistake an individual can fall into. You do not want to say anything. If you are arrested, you want to invoke your right to not say anything. You want to be polite, you do not want to cause the officer any suspicion, but you do not want to answer any questions. The next most critical thing is to get bailed out of custody. If you are out of custody, the ability to defend yourself significantly increases.

Public Knowledge Of A Sex Crime Arrest And Trial

For most part, it is not going to be publicized at all unless the case is of some notoriety. If it is a school teacher, then there is a high probability that it will be publicized. If it is some type of public figure, again, the likelihood of it being publicized is almost one hundred percent. However, if you are not high profile, the likelihood of it being publicized is minimal. If it is a significantly serious case, that will cause the matter to be public.

Are Employers Notified If An Employee Is Charged With A Sex Crime?

No, except those situations where you have a relationship with children. If you are a school teacher, or a probation officer, or if you are involved with children, your employer is going to be notified. The police officer is only going to know who your employer is, if you tell them. So if you do not disclose that information and if they do not have it independently, they may never know who your employer is.

Unintentional Mistakes Detrimental To A Sex Crime Case

Again, the speaking with the police officer is number one. Number two is often speaking with the family of the individual that is making the accusation. The thought being, that well, they can talk them out of pursuing it with the police. However, by doing that, the client often makes some type of admission that is later going to be used against them. So again, the rule is do not talk to anyone and let your attorney do the talking.

If The Accuser Decides Not To Press Charges, Does The Case Go Away?

The answer is yes and no. If no criminal proceedings have commenced, the likelihood of them proceeding is minimal if the alleged victim does not wish to prosecute. However, once the police agency is involved, once the court system is involved, once the individual provides statements to the police or to the prosecutor, then it becomes extremely difficult to stop the case from proceeding.

Are Sex Crime Cases Involving Drugs And Alcohol Easier Or Harder To Handle?

Again, it is a yes or no answer. If you are able to show that the perpetrator was in an abnormal state a defense may be able to be established. Showing that it was an isolated incident can also assist. Their behavior may not be excused but it allows some justification and explanation to mitigate the punishment.

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