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Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving

Suspended drivers license. Mandatory jail time. These are just a few of the consequences of a DUI conviction in California. If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, you need an experienced, aggressive and reputable Los Angeles DUI attorneyon your side. You need the Law Offices of Lawrence Wolf.

California DUI laws are becoming stricter with each passing year. California especially has adopted a policy of zero tolerance when it comes to operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level (BAC) exceeding 0.08 percent or with an open container in tow. The consequences of DUI convictions, which range from losing your license to hefty fines and even jail time, are nothing to laugh at. Even more sobering is the possibility that your personal and professional reputation could be sullied with a permanent record of your DUI.

The recent crackdown on DUI cases is understandable — alcohol contributes to a death every 33 minutes and costs the public billions each year in damages, loss of life and reduced productivity. First-time violators are treated just as harshly as repeat offenders, though penalties are increased with each violation. And associated charges, such as child endangerment, speeding, or stiff penalties concerning underage drinking, can increase the weight of a California drunk driving conviction.

Blood Alcohol Calculation

Learn how to estimate your blood alcohol level.

What are your options if you’ve been pulled over and accused of drunk driving in Southern California? First, know your rights. You must be read your Miranda rights if arrested and will be subjected to a barrage of sobriety tests, including breath and/or blood tests. IT IS A CRIME TO REFUSE TO SUBMIT TO CHEMICAL TESTING IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Though you should remain cooperative and surrender your license to the police when asked, you still have legal rights once you leave the police station.

Unfortunately, you have as little as ten days to protest a license suspension related to a DUI arrest in California. Time is of the essence — seek out a lawyer with a track record of successful dismissals and not guilty verdicts in DUI cases. Your DUI defense lawyer will know the ins and outs of the law and can help construct a legal defense that will keep you on the road with your reputation intact.

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