Misdemeanor drug crimes may not rise to the level of felonies, but they are serious business indeed. Factor in the associated penalties, possible mandatory classes, major insurance premium bumps and the hit to your record, and it is no wonder people hope to avoid such convictions at all costs. The Law Offices of Lawrence Wolf have been at the forefront of the drug crime defense community in California for several decades, and today the firm’s knowledge of relevant statutes and procedures is without peer in the region. No matter what misdemeanor you are facing, a top misdemeanor crime attorney may be able to get it dismissed.

Drug crimes come in countless forms in California under the Controlled Substance Act, but one of the most common misdemeanor charges is possession. The term refers to possession of certain controlled substances whose amounts fall below a certain threshold, meaning they are in your possession for personal use only. This threshold distinguishes misdemeanor offenses from more serious felony charges such as possession with intent to sell, and drug trafficking. Although the penalties vary depending on the amount and type of drug, it is incumbent upon the state to prove that the drugs were in your possession, and that the search was legal. Any police mistakes could allow a good criminal defense attorney to mount a successful defense on your behalf.

The other major category of misdemeanor drug crime is DUI, or driving under the influence. California has harsh DUI laws on the books, and with good reason – thousands of people die each year in auto accidents on our state’s roadways, and the cost to taxpayers can be measured in the millions. That said, it is important to exercise your rights if you are charged with a DUI, especially if you have no prior offenses in this area. A competent Los Angeles DUI attorney is your best bet for avoiding harsher penalties, or even having the charge dismissed altogether.

Misdemeanor drug crimes can quickly graduate to felonies given the wrong circumstances, the wrong history, or a single mistake. If you want to assemble better evidence on your behalf and negotiate a hostile court system effectively, it is essential that you speak to a Los Angeles misdemeanor crime attorney today. The Law Offices of Lawrence Wolf have been defending clients like you for more than 30 years, and we offer one of the most comprehensive and substantive approaches in the state.


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