Multiple Dui Convictions

Multiple Drunk Driving Convictions

Most Californians have heard of at least a few consequences of driving under the influence, such as license suspension; however, most of us do not realize the severity of multiple DUI convictions. When a person has previous DUI arrests and/or convictions on his or her record, being charged once again for such an offense is needless to say a complex situation. Even if a person was deemed guilty for DUI in the past, it does not mean that they are guilty of DUI for an arrest in the present.

Depending on former multiple convictions for DUI, the penalties a person may face involve steep monetary fines, mandatory jail time, probation, and an ignition interlock device being installed and paid for by the convicted person. An ignition interlock device is meant to hinder the driver from being able to start a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. The extreme variability in the harshness of DUI penalties is enough to overwhelm even the strongest and most educated person. This is why individuals with multiple DUI convictions who are facing a new DUI charge should strongly consider seeking the legal advice and representation of a skilled California DUI defense attorney.

At the forefront of determining if a person was under the influence while driving is field sobriety tests, which are commonly misunderstood. These types of tests conducted by law enforcement do not rely on using a breathalyzer or blood test to determine a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC). Rather, a succession of routine movements encompass field sobriety testing to analyze a suspect’s coordination, balance, ability to comprehend and carry-out directions, and reaction time.

It is important for a person with multiple DUI convictions to know that in many situations, a person may find that politely refusing to perform field sobriety testing will benefit their case. These types of tests can often be based on subjective observations of law enforcement and can even be administered by a person who is improperly trained, unprepared, or unable to properly evaluate the results. Considering that human error can play a role in field sobriety test results, it may be better to refuse field sobriety testing in favor of blood or breath testing. In addition, a suspect’s field sobriety test performance may be heavily influenced by roadside conditions like weather or road surface, a disability that affects balance or coordination, or fatigue.

If you have multiple DUI convictions and have recently been arrested for driving under the influence in California, you do not have to go through the challenging process of defending your rights and getting your life in order on your own. At the Law Office of Lawrence Wolf, our experienced Los Angeles multiple DUI conviction attorneys have the knowledge and resources to build you a strong defense so that your future does not need to be jeopardized. Call Lawrence Wolf today for your free and comprehensive consultation.

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