Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Defense Temporarily Foolproof

Since precedent has shown that traffic court will favor radar over an alleged violator’s testimony, it is no wonder that few people even attempt to contest a radar traffic ticket. However, there is now a new strategy for fighting these tickets – a strategy that is guaranteed, especially in some Los Angeles courts. According to Vehicle Code Section 40802, a speed trap – which is illegal – is defined as “as any section of highway where a radar device is used when there is no engineering and traffic survey conducted within five years prior to the date of the alleged… Read More

Irvine Eagle Scout Sentenced in Theft Case

In a story that illustrates that even our most trusted and accomplished citizens are not exempt from committing crimes, an 18-year-old Irvine Eagle Scout arrested last month on suspicion of stealing iPods, cash and cigarettes from vehicles pleaded guilty to sevenmisdemeanor theft counts in court last week and was sentenced to 60 days in jail. Carter Andrew Sudeith will begin serving his time on Monday, July 28th and will serve 3 years probation upon his release. Sudeith was arrested on June 18th, just hours after his high school graduation, police said. He was dressed in black and had a backpack… Read More

Juvenile Crimes, Law and Trying a Juvenile as an Adult

When is A Juvenile Tried as an Adult? If a minor is over 16 years old at the time of the commission of an offense, the Juvenile Court may have a hearing to decide if the minor should be prosecuted in juvenile court or adult court. In court, these five criteria determine if the juvenile will be found “unfit”: The minor’s sophistication. The period necessary for rehabilitation of the minor. The previous delinquent history of the minor. The prior attempted rehabilitative efforts made. The seriousness of the criminal offense.

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