White Collar Crimes

The LAW OFFICES OF LAWRENCE WOLF have been helping individuals charged with white collar crimes in Los Angeles for over 40+ years. Mr. Wolf has both prosecuted and defended thousands of adults and juveniles charged with every type of felony and misdemeanor crime. Lawrence Wolf has been a pioneer in developing all forms of alternative sentencing such as house arrest and diversionary programs. He has established relationships with Judges and District Attorneys throughout Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties.

The Los Angeles white collar crime defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Lawrence Wolf has a long history of successfully handling the defense of clients charged with ALL white collar crime matters in California.

White collar crime are usually crimes of theft and deception committed by salaried professional people as opposed to other crimes that use force. White collar crimes can be prosecuted at the state level or federal level, or both. Penalties for being convicted of white collar crime typically consist of fines, restitution and, in some cases, prison.

Some of the more common white collar crimes are defined below:

    Bribery is defined as the “corrupt payment or receipt of anything of value in return for official action”.
    Embezzlement is defined as the “fraudulent conversion of property of another by a person in lawful possession of that property”.
    Extortion is defined as “forcing a person to give up property through the use of violence, fear or under pretense of authority”.
    Forgery is defined as the “making or altering of a false writing with intent to defraud”.
    Fraud is defined to be “an intentional perversion of truth” or a “false misrepresentation of a matter of fact” which induces another person to “part with some valuable thing belonging to him or to surrender a legal right”.
    Larceny is the “taking and carrying away of tangible personal property of another by trespass with intent to permanently (or for an unreasonable time) deprive the person of his interest in the property”. Larceny must involve personal property, and it must be capable of being possessed, and carried away.
    Perjury is the “willful and corrupt taking of a false oath in regard to a material matter in a judicial proceeding”.

In addition to the above, crimes such as COMPUTER FRAUD, TELEMARKETING FRAUD, TAX EVASION, TAX FRAUD, INSURANCE FRAUD, crimes committed under the jurisdiction of commodities law and securities law also fall under the definition of white collar crimes.

It is imperative that you protect your legal rights. Never agree to talk to officials or answer any of their questions regarding a possible investigation into a white collar crime until you have discussed the matter with a Los Angeles white collar crime defense lawyer who is experienced in white collar crime and an expert in both the state and federal court systems.

All of the above crimes, either felony or misdemeanor, are very serious charges and can carry life changing consequences. If you or someone you know has been arrested, or is being investigated for a crime, you need advice from an experienced Los Angeles defense lawyer now! Protect your rights and your freedom.

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