Juvenile Crime

A juvenile crime accusation can throw families into turmoil. What are the potential consequences for a juvenile offender in California? Will their crime affect their ability to lead a productive adult life? Will your child have to spend time in juvenile detention?

These questions and many more will arise if your son or daughter is accused of a juvenile crime. At stressful times like these, it’s essential that you have an experienced, sensitive and aggressive California Juvenile Crime Defense attorney at your side to advise and guide you through the often frustrating juvenile justice system. During over 40+ years providing legal support to adults and juveniles accused of committing crimes, the California criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Lawrence Wolf have developed the expertise, experience, and personal relationships necessary to maintain your child’s freedom and prove their innocence.

If your child is under the age of 18, they will most likely be tried as a minor. However, serious crimes such as rape, murder or kidnapping may result in an adult charge. The California juvenile system, while similar in some respects to the adult justice system, is complex and has its own rules, regulations and customs. For example, the juvenile system opts for rehabilitation efforts over incarceration wherever possible. However, the rights of juveniles are the same as those of adults. Your child has the right to proper disclosure of charges, a legal defense, and a humane arrest. However, the juvenile system does not engage in jury trials.

If your child is arrested, they should behave as an adult would, refusing to answer questions without legal representation present, cooperating within reason without volunteering any information, and resisting search without a proper warrant. Juveniles who have been arrested in Southern California should insist on having their parents and a Los Angeles criminal attorney present before answering any questions or speaking about the accusation.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Lawrence Wolf know the juvenile crime system and have participated extensively in the development of alternative sentencing processes throughout California and Los Angeles. This experience can be brought to bear on a juvenile case involving investigation, honesty and savvy legal defense. Time is of the essence in juvenile cases – arm yourself with a competent defense lawyer before appearing in court and protect your child’s rights.

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