Under New Federal Guidelines, 40,000 Drug Criminals Set For Early Release

By: Lawrence Wolf

New federal guidelines are setting thousands of drug criminals free under early release programs. According to the guidelines set by the U.S. Sentencing Commission, judges will have the legal power to set the maximum and the minimum years inmates are imprisoned for their convictions. This decision also includes those individuals already incarcerated. Any prisoner whose sentencing may be reduced should contact their drug crime lawyer to ensure all steps are in place for an early release.

How does this work?

If a prisoner has served three years of a five year sentence and the committee reduced the time for that crime downward to three years, this inmate could be released now. Inmates who are sentenced to halfway houses and home confinement can also have their original time reduced. Illegal aliens will be deported through our immigration authority when released. Shortly, almost 40,000 inmates will be qualified for early release.


Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates states, “I think that you need to send dangerous people to prison for a very long time. But I think we need to be smart about deciding who those dangerous people are.” These concerns mostly lie with the small time drug dealers who are repeat offenders, violent, illegal gun carriers and deemed incorrigible.  Many feel that they should be locked up for long prison terms because the possibility of them living productive lives away from criminal behavior is extremely low.

Bloated federal prisons

Our prisons are overloaded. The Justice Department spends nearly a third of its budget on our prison systems. If you are one of these prisoners who has questions about these guidelines, talk with an experienced drug crime attorney at the Law Offices of Lawrence Wolf. Call now at (310) 277-1707, or visit our website today: http://www.youareinnocent.com.

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