A Holiday DUI in Los Angeles Will Make You Pay

Millions of Americans will be celebrating the holiday Group Of Friends Enjoying Christmas Drinks In Barseason by attending social events and partying. Having fun and enjoying yourself is terrific. Doing it responsibly is even better. If you drive while under the influence of alcohol and or drugs, even prescription drugs, your decision to do so will cost you a lot of money if a police officer stops you. A Los Angeles DUI attorney will know what to do.

Costs of a DUI conviction in California

Many people do not realize how much mon
ey they will have to pay out if convicted of a DUI. According to the Insurance Information Institute of California, costs can be as much as $10,000 or more. You will have to pay for your attorney to represent you, higher insurance premiums, court costs, fines and traffic school. You will have to pay to get your vehicle out of impound at a cost starting at over $200. The bail bondsmen will charge you ten percent of your bond. Jail time will limit your ability to work. Do not forget about possible breathalyzer ignition switch costs, probation and the ability to not be able to drive for a period of time.

Implied consent

If you are pulled over while under the influence, beware. You will not have the legal authority to refuse a blood or breathalyzer test. Driving is a privilege and not a right. If you do refuse to perform either of them, you could lose your driver’s license for the minimum of one year.

A DUI can be defended

If you do find yourself in a bad situation, contact a DUI attorney at the Law Offices of Lawrence Wolf as soon as possible. Their attorneys possess the experience and knowledge needed to get you the best possible outcome. Call now at (310) 277-1707, or visit our website today: http://www.youareinnocent.com.

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