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A Holiday DUI in Los Angeles Will Make You Pay

Millions of Americans will be celebrating the holiday season by attending social events and partying. Having fun and enjoying yourself is terrific. Doing it responsibly is even better. If you drive while under the influence of alcohol and or drugs, even prescription drugs, your decision to do so will cost you a lot of money if a police officer stops you. A Los Angeles DUI attorney will know what to do. Costs of a DUI conviction in California Many people do not realize how much mon ey they will have to pay out if convicted of a DUI. According to the… Read More

Driving Under the Influence This Holiday Season Could Cost You Thousands

Before you get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol this holiday season, stop and think. How would a conviction for driving under the influence affect you, your family and your bank account? After factoring in fines, court costs, attorney’s fees, probation costs, traffic school and increased premiums for your car insurance, a DUI could cost you more than $10,000. How a Holiday DUI Can Result in Financial Misery Refusing administration of a roadside test or failing the test may result in immediate suspension of your license, and you may be taken into custody. In California and other states, you may… Read More

Dangers of Driving While Using Medications

Using a prescription medication helps the body when problems occur. Many medications reduce the symptoms of health conditions while an individual recovers. The primary problem associated with using a medication is the way the body reacts to the drug. Due to the way that prescriptions impact the body, some individuals hire California criminal defense lawyers when a problem arises while driving a car. Dangers of Driving Under the Influence of Prescriptions According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or the FDA, individuals must be certain that a medication will not cause complications when driving. Since some over-the-counter and prescription drugs… Read More

Has Drunk Driving Prevention Technology Gone Too Far?

A person is to be considered innocent until they are proven to be guilty in a court or law. But the police, media, and general public often don’t see things that way when it comes to driving under the influence. A common consequence for a DUI conviction is a mandated installation of an Ignition Interlock Device. Now, lawmakers are working on legislation that would require all new automobiles to be equipped with a breathalyzer to measure the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC). This would mean that anyone who buys and drives a new vehicle is assumed to be potentially guilty of… Read More

Future Vehicles to Auto-STOP Drinking and Driving

Across the US, organizations, law enforcement, and automakers have taken steps to protect the innocent from the horrors of drinking and driving. In 2013, 10,076 people lost their lives due to the negligence and impairment of drunk drivers, reports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and automakers are making huge strides in preventing an impaired driver from getting behind the wheel, explains Jason Cipriani. A Fifth Vehicular Sense Vehicles will have a specialized touch pad in the steering wheel, or in the push-to-start button, with an embedded sensor to analyze the driver’s BAC, or blood alcohol concentration. In most states, a… Read More

Circumstantial Evidence and Drunk Driving Laws: You Need a Los Angeles DUI Attorney Now More Than Ever

If you’ve ever felt like the deck is stacked against you when it comes to drunk driving laws, you are justified in feeling that way. A recent ruling from California’s state Supreme Court is making life much more difficult for those who are charged with DUI. The court ruled that circumstantial evidence can be used to prove DUI. What does this mean in layman’s terms? It means that a police officer’s observations can be used in a court of law in an effort to prove that a motorist had an illegal blood-alcohol level. The court’s ruling is based on Ashley Jourdan Coffey’s lawsuit against the state… Read More

Taking Away Driver’s Licenses in DUI Cases Just Got Easier

According to The Press-Ente, the state of California just made it a little bit easier to take away a driver’s license in a DUI case. In a court decision made on April 6th of this year, the California Supreme Court determined that circumstantial evidence can be considered by the Department of Motor Vehicles when determining whether or not a driver’s blood-alcohol content falls above the legal limit. The Case In November 2011, Ashley Jourdan Coffey was pulled over after being observed swerving on the 55. The officer at the scene noted that Coffey’s eyes were red and that she smelled… Read More

AAA Tipsy Driver Program Helps You Get Home Safe

There is a good reason that drinking and driving is a criminal offense in the United States. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), someone is killed from a drunk driving accident every 53 minutes in the US—adding up to about 27 people dead every day due to something that is entirely preventable. Someone is injured from a drunk driving accident every 90 seconds. Many people think about drunk driving conceptually and frown on those who have been caught. We like to think of people who have gotten a DUI or who have been in a drunk driving accident as… Read More

DUI Attorney Lawrence Wolf is Here for those charged DUI and Other Crimes

A female driver is in police custody after she smashed into a police cruiser in the early morning hours of Saturday, March 7. The accident occurred in Compton. The unidentified woman is being accused of driving under the influence. The LA County Sheriff’s deputy reports that the woman’s vehicular crash left several individuals with injuries. The accident occurred at the intersection of South Main Street and West Rosecrans at 3 in the morning. The driver’s sedan was carrying four people at the time that it crashed into the marked patrol unit. Firefighters quickly arrived on the scene to help the… Read More

California legislator hopes to crack down on boating under the influence

New legislation introduced recently in the California State Assembly aims to improve boating safety by keeping drunk drivers out of the captain’s seat. Assembly member Marc Levine of San Rafaelintroduced a bill that would allow law-enforcement officers to seek search warrants for checking blood-alcohol levels of anyone suspected of operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Levine commented that the state already has some of the nation’s strictest DUI laws on the books but that tough laws against drinking while boating are needed as well. He added that boating under the influence has become a grave… Read More

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